Looking for the optimal mobile solution?

Starting from your idea or your specifications we elaborate the development of the functions and the integration of the elements of design

MIC offers you its know-how and solutions adapted to your « marketing » or « business » needs, by developing native iOS and Android applications, as well as various cross-platform hybrid applications.
With our Mobile CMS and ROI tracking solutions, MIC provides you with dynamic management tools and performance measurement of your applications for increased efficiency.

Which application to choose?

Once the issue is determined and your objectives set, our agency offers you to create your mobile platform in line with your clients’ usage profile:

Native application: developed for all operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and downloadable on App stores.
Web application: website in mobile format
Hybrid application: web application made available on the App stores.

All our mobile apps simplify the browsing journey of mobile users while promoting emotion and fun, all to provide an optimal user experience.